About Us

VISION Our vision is to be a world-class center of excellence for development initiatives involving human and organizational capabilities.

MISSION STATEMENT We strive to continuously transform organizations into knowledge-intensive enterprises. CORE VALUES AND CODE OF CONDUCT ICTD is driven and inspired by the following core values:
  1. Loyalty to customers
  2. Customer focused-programming
  3. Delighting the customer by going beyond expectations through quality
  4. Recognition of its people as the pillar of competitiveness
  5. Continued professional development of its “human capital”
  6. Continuous improvement of its overall internal capability


To support organizations in their quest for excellence, in order to achieve the highest standards of performance in all sectors of their endeavors by:  

  1. Developing their people in focused knowledge and critical skill areas targeting performance improvement, through appropriately structured learning packages
  2. Crafting their structures and systems for efficient service delivery through organizational reviews,
  3. Undertaking client-driven action research in management and business development through the process-consulting approach.


ICTD focuses at working with client organizations for the purpose of transforming them into “knowledge-Intensive-Enterprises”. This orientation is premised on the realization that the single most key success factor for any organization is competitiveness; in turn, competitiveness is anchored around learning organizations. 

Thus, we create opportunities for organizations to become knowledge – intensive by empowering them to harness the full potential of their employees through carefully designed and rigorously delivered learning programs. A key feature of our programs is that they are structured and delivered as Modular-Learning-Systems (MLS). 

This approach affords learning organizations the flexibility of linking their learning needs to our training strategy. To ensure maximum benefit to our clients, our approach is pitched against World-class standards, engineered through partnerships with both clients and world-class collaborating service providers. In an attempt to bring service closer home, ICTD operates across the sub-region by having operating centers located at various parts of the sub-continent. 


The uniqueness of our programs lies in the following strategic features in program delivery: 


While all training programs are guided by a ‘standard’ content, our flexible approach enables ICTD to work closely with clients in identifying their particular needs; therefore, customizing training packages to met client specifications. Learning can therefore be done at either your doorstep or at our training facilities. 


In order to ensure continued relevance and learning impact of our training programs in the clients’ arena, ICTD maintains a quality assurance and improvement program that enables ICTD to review all aspects of the training activity and continuously monitors its effectiveness. The program encompasses semi-annual internal reviews augmented by constant feedback from sponsoring/client organizations and learners themselves. In future the program will be expanded to incorporate impact studies, where feasible. 


To enrich our programs with a diversity of regional experience and to leverage the African perspective, ICTD designs and delivers its programs in collaboration with a wide network of renowned resource persons and other service provider institutions throughout the sub continent. 


Participants to our programs are awarded CERTIFICATE upon successful completion of the programme. Also some selected courses are certificated at DIPLOMA LEVEL.

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